2017 Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum Conference

Does your intranet suck? Or is it simply stuck in purgatory? The 2017 Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum Conference reveals a path to intranet success.

Learn how to fix your intranet, win funding, and cherry-pick the best plans, strategies, and tools, from some of the best intranets and digital workplaces on the planet.

The 2017 Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum is North America’s leading conference dedicated to intranets and the digital workplace with a specialized focus on the design, governance and management of enterprise intranets and social intranets. See leading intranet case studies and presentations on intranet design, planning, governance and more from Comcast NBCUniversal, Coca-Cola, ConocoPhillips, and more.

For example, Comcast NBCUniversal has a very advanced digital workplace with more than 140,000 employees, and two major intranets — one for the cable giant, the other for the entertainment conglomerate that is NBC Television and Universal Studios. Comcast Corporate and Cable’s 89,000 employees rely on “ComcastNow” intranet, while NBCUniversal’s employees 53,000 employees go to “myNBCU.” These intranets operate independently, but share content that’s of interest to these employee populations.

Learn how Comcast is evolving the intranet, converging platforms and teams, and addressing the governance and federation challenges that still exist. A sneak preview of this fascinating case study to be presented in New York City will be held February 16, 2017, at 1pm EDT. Registration is free for this 30-minute webinar, The Comcast NBCUniversal Digital Workplace

In most companies, the corporate intranet, long neglected and underfunded, has bounded forward several evolutionary leaps in the past three years. In particular, social media and SharePoint are dominating most intranet agendas, or considerations for the future. Many organizations, however, still suffer from sub-par intranets with poor funding, governance, and continual problems regarding content, search, and information architecture. The Intranet Global Forum 2017 provides intranet executives and managers in communications, IT and HR with all the tools they need to understand the recent changes, and the fundamental skills for designing, deploying and governing a new era intranet.

Many world-class intranets and digital workplaces, including those from Google, Coca-Cola, Bayer, and others, with detailed case studies are presenting at this year’s Digital Workplace & Intranet Global Forum conference in New York (Oct. 25 – 26). Early-bird registration is only $890 for the full conference.

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