Intranet research tools

Intranet managers and consultants are the consummate knowledge workers. And most of us have come to learn intimately that knowledge is power. In particular, an intranet manager needs to explicitly know and understand: the requirements of the business, intranet best …

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Intranet collaborative governance model

Intranet Governance

Who should own the intranet? Communications? IT? HR? All of them? You may be shocked to learn that many companies don’t know the answer; in fact, many organizations can’t clearly answer with any confidence whom is the present intranet owner. …

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The intranet community

“Intranet managers are forming large communities using external social media, getting support from peers around the world and gaining visibility for their roles and work,” says Jane McConnell in her annual Global Intranet Trends (2010) report. In fact, this growing …

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