Content migration for the SharePoint intranet

Migrating content is a big job — in fact, it’s often massive. Many intranet content migration jobs involve many hundreds of thousands of pages and documents (as it did with one recent client with only 400 employees, and more than three-quarters-of-a-million files requiring migration).

Migration for SharePoint 2013 (whether content or applications) is one of the hottest topics debated and discussed in the SharePoint marketplace. There are lots of ways, vendors, tools, and strategies available to help clients who are looking for a migration solution, whether they are migrating content (documents, files, videos, media), or applications (such as lotus notes database, access database, legacy LoBs, forms, etc.). However, choosing a migration software tool can be a more expensive way to arrive at the same solution.

My colleagues at Social Business Interactive are going to share with you their knowledge, experience, and expert advice for undertaking content migrations with SharePoint in a mini-webinar on November 14. It’s only 30 minutes and it’s free.


  • Content Migration vs. Applications Migration: What is content and application in the context of SharePoint migration?
  • Application Migration Do’s & Don’t’s
  • Content Migration Options for SharePoint 2013: Commercial tools, SharePoint built-in functionality, open-source, and custom tools
  • Discussing different types of content sources and the optimal destination in SharePoint for each source
  • Content migration costs
  • Questions to ask a content migration vendor before making your decision



Тamer Εl Ѕhazli has over eighteen years of technology experience including key roles within start-up, turnaround, and established environments. He is a SharePoint guru (part of the elite Microsoft VTS team) and is highly experienced in planning, leading and managing development teams to design and implement effective and attainable solutions that address clients’ business objectives.

Chris Chambers has been a Sales & Marketing Executive and Business Development Consultant for over 25 years. He has specific experience developing and executing strategies, and guiding organizations to improve their business operations. Chris has helped to re-engineer or reinvigorate operations and provides expertise on enterprise infrastructure challenges for large and small corporations.