Digital Workplace Design

Too many think the digital workplace is the next generation of intranet. However, we’ve all had a digital workplace for years. The digital workplace is not a website or the intranet.

The digital workplace is not a destination or an app or platform. The digital workplace is the sum of all your digital tools. We have all worked in and off the digital workplace for decades. If designing the digital workplace was as easy as throwing together new graphics, you could buy a template or hire a graphic designer. The digital workplace is infinitely more complex, disparate, and decentralized.

The more digital tools and apps we work with, the more it expands. The more apps, the more disjointed in can be without a cohesive design and standards applied to all the tools in the digital workplace.

There is no single technology or platform for all the digital workplace, although Microsoft 365 comes close and is the de facto digital workplace ‘home’ for many organizations.

Digital workplace 'home' at Prescient Digital Media

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