Digital Workplace or Intranet?

Is the digital workplace something new, or is it just packaging?

The digital workplace is not an intranet on steroids, or a replacement of an intranet; or the next great enterprise portal, nor is it SharePoint. The digital workplace describes a workplace of digitally interconnected tools used to get work done. It’s that simple. And yet, that complex.

digital workplace

Digital Workplace Definition

Many will claim to be the first to use or define the “digital workplace.” Consultants love to clamor to be the “first” to coin a phrase or a combination of words that have been in existence for dozens of years. The reality is the digital workplace has existed for dozens of years; it’s present at all of our respective workplaces. I first heard the phrase in 2002 when IBM referred to their internal, online environment as the digital workplace.

The digital workplace is not a piece of software or a platform, or a replacement for the intranet. It includes the intranet and all your digital tools. We’ve all had a digital workplace for decades, the label however is new.

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