Intranet Success Depends on People

True intranet success is rare and often fleeting. It takes a lot of work, with an emphasis on people, and process. To reach the rarefied air of intranet success, your site must be delivering on all three tiers of the Nexus model. Success is often pre-determined by the understanding and support offered by your organization’s executives (senior management) and is delivered by motivated employee users who keep returning. The in-between – planning, resources, use and value – is the foundation or blueprint for success and the ‘devil’ in the details.

The details in this case are highlighted and reviewed extensively in a special, dedicated webinar, “The People Behind Leading Intranets.”

Watch the full video replay of the dedicated webinar, People and the Intranet:

Or see the slides and all the screenshots used in People and the Intranet:

Also read the original, full article:
People and The Intranet
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