Learning from the greatest intranets

The great are great for a reason. And while It’s dangerous to merely copy others, much may be learned from examining the trails they’ve blazed.

Having worked on well more than 100 intranets, and seen and examined many hundreds more, there are three key ingredients that make great intranets great:

  • Superb, detailed governance
  • Active executive sponsorship
  • Great content (content management)


All of the other ingredients are nothing but nice-to-haves:

  • funding helps, but the above  ingredients don’t cost anything;
  • design provides esthetics but far too much is accorded to this over-rated discipline;
  • the search engine is an enabling technology, but is useless without the above ingredients;
  • usability becomes increasingly important the more content you have, but is hard to violate if the above ingredients are in place.


People matter most

The best intranets on the planet enjoy great executive sponsorship – in fact the top ones, are often championed by the CEO, who not only talks-the-talk, but walks-the-walk (e.g. contributes blogs, podcasts, etc.). People (the key component of governance), in short, are the most important ingredient (from top to bottom): executive sponsorship is critical; an effective intranet management team is mandatory; and highly motivated publishers and end users deliver the end-value for the intranet.

NCR intanet home Oct 2012

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