4 thoughts on “10 Best Intranets of 2007”

  1. The annual NNG report helps cast some glory on intranets which is its most valuable role really.
    I would make a couple of comments though (along Toby's lines) that Design and Usability is an important but only partial reason for an intranets success. There are several other equally significant areas that NNG does not cover such as strategy, governance and culture.
    The other point is that while the winners are all deserving of plaudits, to describe them as the “10 Best” does pre-suppose that NNG have been on site with every major intranet globally and then independently ranked them.
    That clearly is an unrealistic task but it does mean we must treat the NNG report as a useful indicator of good practice rather than as the defining picture on the state of intranets.

  2. Excellent points Paul (Intranet Benchmarking Forum). Do you mind sharing with us the paramters for IBF's awards? All the best, Toby

  3. Hi,
    I liked your post. Feels great to know that an Indian org has broken into the top 10 intranet league…quite a feat…I worked with i-flex solutions in my previous assignment ( http://www.iflexsolutions.com) and we entered our work for a lot of similar oportunities.
    While I agree that we are unaware of many possibly better intranets ( since sharing of internal intranet screenshots generally does not get a buy-in from legal and other departments) it also highlights the keenness of organization's to market their work externally. I feel it is critical for organization's to talk about their internal practices – improvements can only take place when you open up for comments and feedback.
    Please do visit my blog http://www.intraskope.wordpress.com and let me know your feedback…the blog is on internal communications from an India perspective..

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