$9 Billion Bugs for U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Intranet (back issue)

Most I.T. projects have some hurdles or bugs. The $9 billion U.S. Navy-Marine Corps intranet (NMCI) is no exception.


Of course the military would use an acronym like NMCI, but I was hoping that we would be privy to one of those cutting-edge mission names like Mission Intranet Freedom or Mission Global Information Dominance… Ooops! That moniker might be letting the cat-out-of-the-bag….


Speaking at a conference of 1,200 military vendors in Norfolk, Virginia, the NMCI head honcho Rear Admiral James B. Goodwin III lamented about some of the challenges. As reported in the Virginian-Pilot, some of the bugs have included e-mail problems for Admiral Michael G. Mullen, President Bush

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  1. Ahh the URL changed for the public entrance. Thanks for the heads-up. The revised URL is: http://www.nmciinfo.usmc.mil) which has been reduced largely to an information site on NMCI, but there are still stories targetted to Marines and Naval personnel that the public can read.

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