Blogging to employees

Some inventive and enterprising organizations like Alaska Airlines and the U.S. Army used to maintain their intranet home page on the public Internet (though they

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  1. the intranet design is important to serve the audience and also the capabilities of the intranet tool. the tool should allow for EASY publishing of the following kinds of content depending on audience:-
    – content for the general public without needing a login (blogs, calendars etc)
    – content for ALL of the employees requiring a login (the overall company intranet dashboard for company announcements, policy documents, company events)
    -content for specific employee groups, teams or departments requiring a login (a group workspace containing group announcements, group documents, group task management)
    -content for specific external groups requiring a login (extranet workspaces containing client or partner documents, address books etc)
    we use a web based intranet tool called hyperoffice which allows of easy publishing of “workspaces” adhering to the above design. its very simple to set up a new “workspace” and define membership.

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