More than ROI

A business case requires more than estimated or proven return on investment (ROI). A true business case requires a cost-benefit analysis that not only underscores the dollar value of the intended investment but also iterates solutions and outcomes to current …

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The top two IT-related problems are operational incidents and staffing issues, according to a global survey commissioned by the IT Governance Institute (ITGI). A previous top priority, security has fallen to seventh on the list of the top eight IT …

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Measure your efforts

I have decried on more than one occasion those who would flaunt HITS as a measure of success. How Idiots Track Success


HITS are not a business metric. HITS are a server metric that vary greatly in scale in quantity from one site to the next and one page to the next. And yet the vast majority of companies who refer to …

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Engaged employees deliver the money

Engage your employees, and you will reap measured dollar rewards.   British Telecom (BT) uses an online idea jar for employees. Accordingly to Personnel Today (BT calls for employees' ideas), this idea jar has saved the BT nearly