Intranet 2.0: A must-have

There are a number of reasons why a corporation or a not-for-profit should adopt Intranet 2.0 tools.В  Enhancing communications and collaboration with employees, and improving employee investment and retention are primary considerations. But there’s another more pressing need: snooze or …

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The pros and cons of SharePoint

FOR THE LATEST ON SHAREPOINT 2010 SEE: SharePoint for ECM: 5 big enhancements UPDATE: Introducing SharePoint 2010: learnings from SPC09 SharePoint continues to be at the center of much of the intranet buzz

Enterprise intranet wikis

IBM and Cisco are infested with them. Even smaller companies are finding huge value in the form of impressive cost savings, and faster time to market. But most organizations are still puzzled on how to proceed with enterprise wikis.  

Enterprise 2.0 vs. Intranet 2.0

(TORONTO, ON) When last I critically mused about the value of trendy buzz words and catch phrases and the next hype, Intranet 2.0, my musing turned out to be the most read article I