3 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 vs. Intranet 2.0”

  1. Now that is an apt assessment of the situation. I see it firsthand almost every day: unmonitored wikis, content buried deep in the corporate network and a CEO blog that's written like a press release.
    Solutions are established at ground level, not by building another storey on top of it. That may also be true for software development 🙂

  2. Thanks Mark; well put. There is a lot of bad stuff out there, but some companies, I suppose, should be allowed some allowance to learn, grow and improve their execution. Though you are correct in your assertion. Thanks for your input, Toby

  3. I heard of a company that was closed cause of a CEO that had a blog that he thought no one knew was his. He gave away secret informations about inside company affairs and all broke loose.
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