Gare du Nord is garishly notorious

(GENEVA, SWZ) I rarely share my
adventures with readers simply because

2 thoughts on “Gare du Nord is garishly notorious”

  1. Hehe, thanks Chantale. I've heard from a few folks on this post and at the very least they're amused. Those that have been there know what I'm talking about and sympathize completely. By the way, Paris is an amazing place… it might be the most amazing city (outside of my home) on the planet. I highly recommend it to anyone. Just avoid Gare du Nord, or really know what you're getting into when going through there with LOTS of time (1 hour +) for conncting trains if you're on the way to the airport, a meeting, or something you might be late for. Oh, and cary lots of change for the ticket machines!

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