Intranet collaborative governance model

Intranet governance tips

There is no more critical ingredient for an intranet than governance. Without good governance—which is to say, good management and policies regarding intranet usage—no intranet can realize its full potential.

The question of intranet governance is indispensable to companies trying to create networks that foster a culture of openness and transparency, while maintaining appropriate online security.

Intranet collaborative governance model

“It’s simply impossible to achieve any long-lasting success without a clearly ownership and management structure. Far from being a buzz word or jargon, intranet governance provides clarity and rules—namely the titles, roles and responsibilities of its owners, managers, stakeholders and contributors.”

4 Governance Tips

  1. Ownership – an intranet must have a clear owner – either one person or committee.
  2. Roles – everyone involved needs an extensive job description.
  3. Rules – the Dos and Don’ts of creating pages and content should be in black and white.
  4. Policy – all content should conform to a content management policy.


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