Poor intranet policy management could lead to lawsuits

A new poll from a vendor shows that nearly 50% of UK organisations could be leaving themselves open to litigation through managing their corporate policies primarily on the intranet (see Businesses warned over use of intranet).


I could not find the actual poll results and the company that conducted the poll, NETconsent, does not make it readily available on its website. This sounds like another marketing exercise masquerading as scientific research… but regardless the information is worthwhile.


The marketing states that the

4 thoughts on “Poor intranet policy management could lead to lawsuits”

  1. Many thanks for the heads-up Dino. I know not a lot of people have the time nor the aptitutde do decipher a 32-page legal judgement… could you please give us a quick synopsis of the case and findings? Many thanks, Toby

  2. HR dept emails NEW arbitration requirement buried in bottom of text of long email; policy merely attached. Fired employee; He responds with ADA claim. Employer tries to dismiss based on arbitration required by email. Proved he opened the email. COULDN'T prove he read it/attachment. Employee convinced Fed appeals court to strike the policy – judges found email bland, didnt clearly announce loss of right to sue – buried at the bottom. Also: certain HR waivers must signed in writing.

  3. Wow! Very interesting case indeed. It just goes to show you that even in this digital age, signatures are worth a lot. Many thanks for bringing this to our attention, Dino. I appreciate you sharing it with us. Regards, Toby

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