SharePoint vs Yammer and Jive

SharePoint 2013 is a robust portal and social media platform. SharePoint offers a lot, but out of the box, it can be less than thrilling, which has given rise to leading alternatives and optional platforms such as Jive and Yammer.

Many companies are wrestling with the question: will SharePoint alone meet our needs? Or should we invest in products like Yammer and Jive? What about customizing these solutions?

Is Yammer really a true enterprise social network, or just a really good micro-blogging platform?

SharePoint 2013 offers a lot, and can do a lot, but how ‘well’ does it execute?

My opinion has been shared here before… but look to other experts:

SharePoint expert Тamer Еl Ѕhazli, VP, Technology at Social Business Interactive, and intranet technology expert Chris Chambers, VP, Client Development, will discuss the pros and cons of SharePoint versus Yammer and Jive, and illustrate some of the feature set for all in a special webinar on February 5, 2014.

What you will learn:

– Features, pros & cons to SharePoint 2013
– Strengths & limitations to Yammer & Jive
– Mobile use and integration
– Customizing each platform

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  1. I’m sure this will be one of the most popular webinars of the year given all the interest of late! Really looking forward to hearing feedback from all the attendees.

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