Social networking for intranet managers

A new social networking community for intranet managers uses predictive modeling to help people connect and share information. uses the highly successful and award-winning social software cubelessв„ў from Sabre is ideal for:

         Best practice sharing

         Problem solving

         Blogging and networking


  • No fees (only a 30-second registration).
  • Designed particularly for inside the firewall (intra-enterprise) communications.
  • System built with a predictive modeling technology that allows the system to help move information to the right people at the right time, ensuring information and conversations within the social network are available and actionable.
  • The inference engine automatically connects people based on their profile, and their social activity.
  • Launched by Prescient Digital Media; powered by cubelessв„ў from Sabre


Site tour demo:


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Start your own blog or come join the discussion and network in some of the groups:

         Intranet Managers Forum

         SharePoint Managers & Users

         The Social Intranet

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