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New Social Intranet

The New Social Intranet

The social intranet is nothing new, but advances in social computing, and a supporting cultural shift, has advanced the social intranet beyond the tired suspicion of being merely a fad. Social intranets, and collaboration tools (whatever the label), were never a fad, …

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Twitter Useless

Twitter rendered useless

An explosive start that even surpassed Facebook’s stratospheric launch; highly-used by an incredibly engaged audience; simple, and free. What potential… spoiled. Twitter has become a nearly useless tool, overrun by chatter and incoherent missives of daily nonsense, overt narcissism, and celebrity …

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IBM Intranet Home Page

Intranet Radio at IBM

Despite its technology prowess, IBM has added an old medium to its impressive employee digital workplace to engage employees: radio. Can radio enhance intranet design? IBM Community Radio is the new intranet radio station for IBMers worldwide, broadcast from Austin, …

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Notable intranet events

Internal Branding & Employee Engagement Conference When:        September 9-11, 2014 Where:      Vancouver, BC Register:  Online at Reinventing Internal Communications to Drive Behavior Change and a Strategic & Brand-Centric Culture. Learn practical strategies and step-by-step …

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Great intranets: Unisys

Part I of a four part series on great intranets. “Technology is just the enabler; people and process drive social business,” says Gloria Burke, Chief Knowledge Officer, Unisys. Unisys is a worldwide information technology company that provides a portfolio of …

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