The Internet is Dead, Long Live the Intranet

The headline from a republished column on DMW written by web aficionado, maverick blogster and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.


2 thoughts on “The Internet is Dead, Long Live the Intranet”

  1. Meanwhile more and more companies have locations spreaded all over the country or even over the world. A lot of those companies don't like paying for 10 or even 100 MPS connections.
    For good or for evil – a lot of employees don't care and want to have at least a little bit of fun even at work. They know that information can be (made) entertaining.
    In theory, employees could love to work.

  2. Thanks for the comments Frank. You're spot on – the vast majority of companies don't have, and will never have in the near future, 10 MPS connections let alone 100 MPS connections. Now, Mark has since replied to me and sent me a note explaining his position, which he asserts as correct. And that's fine, I understand him and his position, and appreciate it too. It is very leading, intelligent, and counter to common perceptions. He's a smart guy who's not afraid to speak his mind. Again, I don't think he's necessarily wrong, I just think the reality is somewhat different particularly in the details. But I don't want to put words in his mouth. He sent me a note so I'll ask him if he's okay in sharing those additional thoughts… The bottom line: almost no corproate intranets (under my deifinition of an intranet, as it is defined in many dictionaries and on Wikipedia) have video today because they don't have the infrastructure. Mark asserts that they could easily be, and therefore are, more effective than the greater Internet. Somewhat contradictory is his concept that the Internet is actually just multiple intranets connected together.

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