The intranet wish list for Santa

Any of you fellow parents out there know that the wish list letter to Santa is a big deal. My daughter Rachel had her letter in the mail on December 1. Anything Barbie or Bratz is an instant winner. Frankly, I think they all look like cheap harlots.


Anyhow, I am not as well organized as my daughter so I figured I

2 thoughts on “The intranet wish list for Santa”

  1. Hello,
    I read with a lot of interest your blog as we are dealing with intranet issues as well on our blog which stands for Blog, RSS and Enterprise.
    You are on our blogroll and maybe you could put us on yours and be international on both sides.

  2. Many thanks! Tell us about… can you post some links to some good case studies? Any in English?
    Regards and happy holidays,

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