The intranet's role during a recession

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4 thoughts on “The intranet's role during a recession”

  1. …I'm just having my fights. It's quite weird that I – as the communication guy – have to educate the business guys about efficiency…

  2. Well good on you Michael — Communications has to be smarter and more proactive because too many executives and IT people don't understand the basic concept of value and how technology can deliver that.

  3. Hi Toby, i have found your blog to be an excellent resource in my work developing an intranet business case for my client (Events Management in Auckland NZ). In a sense i'm in a fortunate position, the client is very keen to replace their current portal (Lotus Notes) with a browser based information sharing platform. Still, building a solid business case, particularly with all the learnings gathered here – be prepared, have a plan, develop a good governance first, make sure the roles and responsibilities capabilities are sorted out, etc etc – will prove invaluable to the client.
    I have also found the Finding ROI whitepaper extremely useful in helping organize the benefits and measurements section of the business case. One small glitch in the doc: On page 63, the most important benefit categories table is reproduced twice, instead of the 2nd table being the least important benefit categories.

  4. Personally I think the intranet is a dying bread and there must be more effective ways of operational efficiencies. thanks for the article, very interesting.

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