Twitter explodes, reaches intranet

Obama has 282,000 followers (though his minions have only Tweeted on
his behalf a mere 2x since the election); Shaquille O'Neal has 93,000
followers; and I have a mere 210 after four months of active

4 thoughts on “Twitter explodes, reaches intranet”

  1. The problem I have with them constantly saying miracle is the drama they are trying to add to it. It keeps taking so much credit away from the pilots. Believe if you want that the pilots had help from god, BUT the pilots are the ones to give the credit too.

  2. Every good and perfect gift comes down from above, whether the pilot or anyone else realizes that fact or not. His Word holds the very molecules together, yet people take Him for granted when He keeps everyone safe aboard a plane landing in a river in the dead of winter

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