Who wants a job as an intranet consultant?

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Key Responsibilities of An Intranet Consultant:

  • Communication excellence: There will be a high degree of communication with clients and potential clients. Written and verbal communications will be one of your key strengths.
  • Engagement: You will possess the ability to independently and efficiently manage a project from start to finish with minimal supervision.
  • Analysis & Reporting: You will be able to gather and analyze client business specifics, as well as user requirements and develop detailed reports and recommendations based on this information.
  • Planning: You understand the intricacies of strategic planning, modeling and facilitation including research techniques and tools such as surveys, and focus group testing, and are able to effectively execute these practices.
  • Marketing: You will have experience in delivering powerful presentations and demonstrations. As well, you will be called upon to contribute web-related articles to monthly newsletter.
  • Teamwork: Knowledge sharing and collaboration with colleagues, as well as our partners and clients is essential to your success as a team member.

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  1. Greetings – Tried to apply for the position this evening, but received form error messages upon submittal. Similar problems with main contact form. We've all been there, of course, and the submissions may actually have been received anyway. But my main concern is whether the position will be closing before I can tell whether my app is in your folks' hands. Thanks.

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